About Us

The purpose of the Catts Pressoir Alumni Association is to to establish beneficial relationships between The College of Catts Pressoir and its alumni, to advance the principles of higher education for all who seek it.

CPAA seeks to ENGAGE former alumni by creating meaningful connections among alumni, students, faculty and staff through our activities. We endeavor to SUPPORT current students through scholarships, mentoring and networking opportunities and PROMOTE Catts Pressoir’s interest in advancing scholarship in these challenging times.

Who we are

The Alumni Association of the College Catts Pressoir can trace its origin to 1986. On December 1, 2020, members of the class, meeting on Zoom due to the Corona Virus, formed the association. What started mainly as a social group with interests centered on the affairs of the College Catts Pressoir, grew to become the Catts Pressoir Alumni Association.

On December 10, 2020 the Association was incorporated in the State of New York as the Catts Pressoir Alumni Association Corp. The Alumni Association was formed to better serve the particular concerns of our graduates. CPAA endeavors to give back to the community of students who lack the resources necessary to thrive academically.

Alumni Board Members