Catts Pressoir Alumni united to partner with the College to continue their tradition of scholarship. As an independent organization, our most valuable contribution is to identify and help steward relationships between the college and the thousands of men and women who call Catts Pressoir their Alma Mater.

The Alumni Association of Catts Pressoir of New York can trace its origin to 1986. In 1986, members of the association, met as teenagers and an instant bond was created. This group traveled together, played music together and eventually grew up. Thirty four years later in the fall of 2020, the group once again found each other. In order to cement this bond the organization was created with the central purpose of helping under-privileged students.

On December10, 2020 the Association was incorporated in the State of New York as Catts Pressoir Alumni Association Corp. The Alumni Association is an independent organization with its own officers and Board of Directors.

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