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Your contribution will go directly to the Learn It Forward Fund (LIFF). This fund was established in 2020 to provide added support for students who find themselves in need of basic necessities. One such necessity is tuition. School Tuition is one of the most challenging obstacles that Catts Pressoir’s students face. The students who apply for the LIFF, generally show promise and have a record of engagement and scholarship at the College Catts Pressoir.

Under the direction of Mr. Guy Etienne and Son Guy Phillippe, and our scholarship committee, the funds will go to satisfying outstanding tuition for said students. Your support means so much to the young men and women who will now, because of your donation, have the opportunity to complete their studies successfully.

As a token of our appreciation we would like for you to enjoy the following video uploaded by one of our candidates;

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Ryan St. Cyr is the lucky recipient of the LIFF Scholarship
award, here are a few words from him.

Thanks again.